Gets the error 'Server Error - The operation has timed out Code: 500'.

Discussion created by dwade85 on Nov 29, 2012
Gets the error 'Server Error - The operation has timed out Code: 500' after issuing multiple requests for an attachment in a feature service from REST.

I've reproduced this on more than one machine and this case isn't data or machine specific. It can be easily reproduced.

1) ArcGIS Server/ArcSDE Geodatabase 10 sp5.
2) SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2
3) Feature Service with features that have attachments.

If you keep accessing the attachments from the services directory, after a few requests (about 20 - 30), the attached error shows up.
Attachments are accessed using the below URL and clicking on the link to the attachment returned.

To repeat the request, click back on the web browser and click the attachment again.

A temporary fix is to set the fixed number of requests in recycling the application pool in IIS to a small value. The drawback of this fix is that the request after the recycle value will be slow. For eg: if the recycling value is kept at 5, the 6th, 11th, 16, 21st ... requests will take a long time for a response.

This recycle value can be set in IIS > Application Pools > right click on ArcGISServicesAppPool > Click recycling > set the fixed number of requests to a value (I've set 5).

Since this issue seems to be related to how IIS works, I was hoping to get ideas on what could be done to fix this issue for good.