Using ArcObjects in a WCF Method called in a Windows Service

Discussion created by SamuelHenderson on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by tim.sexton
Hello everyone :)

How do I add ArcGIS License Checking to a Windows Service?  When I go to Project->Add ArcGIS License Checking and specify the desired licenses to check for the Windows Service fails to start with the following error: [ATTACH=CONFIG]19537[/ATTACH]

Removing the ArcGIS License checking allows the service to start and run, but then I run into problems elsewhere...

Once running the Windows Service basically sits and waits for a remote request to come from a webserver and when it receives this request it launches a WCF class that contains the actual ArcObject code needed to generate a shapefile (it connects to an ArcSDE workspace ... all that fun stuff).  The problem is that without having the ArcGIS license checking my ArcObjects code generates a COM Exception of 0x80040111 which is of course the exception you get when you try to run ArcObjects without having initialized a license.

I thought about trying to add the ArcGIS License Checking to the WCF Class, but that class has no Sub Main().

What should I be doing?