Need to get the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF Routing Example to work with my gpk

Discussion created by reneecammarere on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by reneecammarere
I went through the following two examples to get an idea of how to create a custom, local Routing Task.   This is a walkthrough that takes you step by step through the creation of your first routing geoprocessing package:
And here is the second part, that completes the picture and shows you how to run it from code:
I was able to get it to run using my map package that I created (with my own vector data). However, when it runs and I click the "Solve" button, I can only get the Route graphic to display, that was displayed when I created the gpk from the result. The two points that I click on when running the code are obviously not used by the code to create the resulting Route graphic. I don�??t know what I�??m doing wrong with this example. Aren�??t you supposed to be able to use a gpk file to (in a sense) run that same model, but with different data each time?
I was not able to get the actual data to upload (which includes the gpk and mpk files) so I don't know how much help the attached code will be.