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Probems creating composite address locator

Question asked by ligia.gafitescu on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by ligia.gafitescu
I have 3 address locators that I want to connect:

1) created on an annotation feature class that contains a field with the name of the streets - Style: Single Field. So it takes me to a point in the middle of a street when I type the street's name. Works fine.

2)created on a point feature class that contains the name of the cities- Style: Single Field (used also US Adress- City, State). So it takes me to a point where a city is located. Works fine.

3) created on a polygon feature class that contains a field with the names of the states- Style: US Address-State. So it takes me to a polygon where a certain state is located. Works fine.

I tried creating a composite address locator out of the three of them. I attached the field mapping. Filled all the fields-> Successfully created....but


when I open my .mxd , Add the new Address locator an try to type a composite address in the Find tool=> address not found, but if I type only one of those 3 , it works.

For instance,
If i type: California Miami Liberty Street - doesn't work
  If I type : California - it works.
If I type: Miami -it works.
If I type: Liberty strett - it works.

If anyone has the patience to tell me why this happens, I would be grateful.