Measurement widget distance unrealistic results IE7

Discussion created by sudesh.rshetty on Nov 6, 2012

In our application measurement of distance always gives unrealistic values  in IE7 only when we use long domain names. It gives values in millions even if distance is too small.



Where as it works fine for shorter domain names like, ''

The problem occurs only in IE7, where as in other versions it works fine.

We are using our own Lambert Conformal Conic projections and ArcGIS server 10.1 geometry server.

Outcome from my debug so far:

In other browsers, measurement widgets makes a call to geometry server (calls project method) as soon user clicks on distance icon, but in IE7 it doesn't makes that call. I think that missing call is the cause of the problem.
Here is the sample of actual output from that call,

Does anyone have any idea about cause of the problem, any information about the problem would be helpful. Thanks