Problem when connecting to arcsde for Oracle GDB

Discussion created by Reda4esri on Nov 4, 2012
Dear All,
good day ,
Kindly , I have a problem when I try to make a new database connection from client computer:

Environment of Server side on[ATTACH=CONFIG]19004[/ATTACH],
-------- ------------------
Windows server 2008 (32-bit) attached to domain giscenter
Oracle DB Engine R11.2 :
ArcSDE 10

Environement of client Side
Windows 7 ultimate (32-bit) attached to domain giscenter
ArcGIS Desktop (INFO) 10.1
Oracle Client 11.2

When I try to connect as the attached snapshot : it returns an Error
ORA-12154:Couldn't resolve the identifier

- I tried pinging the DB server and it replays,
- I tried to Tnsping the service name and it replay ok.
- I checked the service name on Tnsnames.ora file in oracle client home / network /admin
I appreaceate your help
Reda Ali