ArcGIS 10 Mobile MapCache repair tool or options

Discussion created by fish1ric on Oct 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by fish1ric
Issue: A MapCache will have a sync process fail due network, database, server issues that abort the sync.
The MapCache is left in a state where it thinks the collections and updates have been synd successfully as
indicated in the layer4_current_features table OBJECTID Feature State being a '1' or a '0' and the OBJECTID is
a negative number or has a 'real' number assigned which may be orphaned by the process failing.
Future attempts to sync 'thinks' that it was already successful and says that it is, but nothing is every uploaded
to the server, result is that the collections are visible on the device via the mapcache but not visible on the server
side because no sync/upload ever was completed.
There needs to be a tool box admin tool to repair the state of the mapcache for resubmitting, does this exist?
We have tried the VisualStudio solution for exporting and viewing the mapcache but it doe not allow edits
which would be complex.