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Discussion created by hubertlo on Oct 29, 2012
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My project is a modified version of the templates (basic viewer) in and I am using v3.2 of the API. Most of the original UI features are either disabled or removed.

I used the code snippets of the Find Address sample. to create infoWindow when the user clicks on a graphic point on the map. However I cannot get the title to show, see screen shot below:


Here is part of my codes:
Bottom of InitUI:

map.infoWindow.setTitle("") is not doing anything...

Where the graphics are created and added to map:
        // populate the attributes
        attrPoint = {
            "Id" : AId,
            "EID" : AEID,
            "Name" : AName,
            "Xcoord" : geoPoint.x,
            "Ycoord" : geoPoint.y,
            "AssetIndex" : AIndex
        // infoWindow
        var infoTemplate = new esri.InfoTemplate("Asset Name", "<h3>Name: ${Name}</h3><br/>Id: ${Id}<br/>EId: ${EID}<br/>FCI: ${AssetIndex}" );
        // Create graphic
        var graPointGraphic = new esri.Graphic(geoPoint, defaultSymbol, attrPoint, infoTemplate);

        // add to map;

Although I can get fancy with the HTML inside the InfoTemplate content but it won't look as nice as if the title will just show up. What can be wrong? Is there anywhere in the template code causing the problem?

Please advise.