Combine 2 shapefiles into 1 with unlike boundaries and unlike attributes

Discussion created by FMWD on Oct 25, 2012
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Hey Everyone,

New to ArcView/ArcMap here�?�

I'm having a problem trying to figure out how to properly merge a shapefile that holds one set of boundaries and unique attributes to another with differing boundaries and unique attributes.

The closest article I could find online somewhat relating to this issue is here:

The one element that both these shapefiles have in common is that they are overlaid geographically (i.e. one shapefile has smaller boundaries and when I add the layer in ArcView, it rests on top of the other, larger shapefile/layer).

1. Do both of these shapefiles need similar attribute tables before I can merge the two into one shapefile? (fundamentally, doesn�??t make sense to me because if one shapefile offers one set of different/exotic boundaries�?�how can the shapefile match attributes with the other shapefile of differing boundary attributes)

2. I attached a picture of what I�??m dealing with�?�hopefully it helps!

Thank you for helping! Hopefully I can figure out if this is even possible soon : )