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Variable Penalty for a "vertical" junction

Question asked by jjniev01 on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by alphabetasoup
I am new to network analyst and I am currently creating a multi-modal network, involving the local bus system and walking along streets, for my undergraduate thesis. I am setting up the network to model transfers and have set the elevation field values for the bus routes to the bus route number. I currently have two junction features, one for accessing a bus route from the street and one for bus-to-bus transfers, the first of which connects a bus route to the street center line file and the second which connects bus lines at a given stop.
     The transfer junction has a penalty of ten minutes whether an agent is transferring "up" or "down". My problem is with the Bus route "access" junction. If an agent is accessing a route from a street I want to model the wait time, in minutes, as 2 + 0.3(Bus line headway), but if the agent is going from the bus route to the street, I do not want a penalty to exist. The only solution I can currently think of is to create an edge feature between every junction at the street level and the spatially coincident route level junction.
Is there some way to set a variable penalty at a junction that is determined by direction of travel?

Thanks in advance for your ideas. Attached is a diagram exemplifying how the network should be set up in the end, pending advice I receive from those more knowledgeable.