Linear Referencing: interpolate M-Values between vertices to get precise measure?

Discussion created by huangs3 on Oct 19, 2012
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Hi Everybody:

     I created a route feature layer with Create Routes tool in Linear Referencing Tools, using two fields on the feature layer as measure source.
     Most of the routes has vertices close to each other (say, 1 meter between adjacent vertices), in these parts of the routes, when I use "Identify Route Locations" to click on two very close locations (between the same pair of adjacent vertices), the returned measure will be the M-Value of one of the adjacent vertices, which brings significant error.
     Some part of the route has vertices far away from each other (say, 20 meters between adjacent vertices). When I use "Identify Route Locations" to click on two very close locations between two adjacent vertices, the returned measure will be an interpolation of M-Values, which can distinguish the difference of less than 0.05 meter and brings much smaller error.
     The attached picture is the description.

    What is the reason for this to happen? Is there anyway for me to create the route such that its measure value interpolates even if the vertices are close to each other? Or is it related to some environment configuration of ArcGIS? This will help me to locate point events on the route more precisely.

    Thank you!