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04-01-2019 10:05 AM
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This week is the American Association of Geographers (AAG) annual meeting in Washington D.C, and this year, of all years, I wish so much that I was attending. My mom, Dr. Jody Emel, retired from her long career as a professor of geography at Clark University in 2018, and this year she is being honored with two sessions dedicated to her work:

The Eclectic Environmental Geographies of Jody Emel I and 

The Eclectic Geographies of Jody Emel II 

Growing up in the home of a brilliant geographer/feminist/activist/environmentalist/animalist/hydrologist was incredibly fulfilling and never boring. Our house was filled with books on women, industrial farming, indigenous histories, mining, water rights, and so much more. All of my values come from my mother. When I was a graduate student at Clark University, I was even honored to write a chapter in her book, Political Ecologies of Meat. I wish I could be there to see her graduate students talk about her eclectic (and maybe a bit eccentric?) career in geography. Here's a photo of my mum when she was at Clark U, with our old dog Mindy:

Another huge bonus of the AAG this year is the session called Women in Geography, Building Leaders for Tomorrow - Esri's own Dawn Wright will be one of the incredibly talented panelists, and one of my old professors Dr. Hamil Pearsal will be a discussant. It's bound to be an amazing session.

So if you're going to the AAG this year, make sure you hit up these sessions, and take pictures! If you can, post them here for a deprived woman in need of AAG vibes. 

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This is just way BEYOND cool!!! Thanks so much for the head's up Julia Lenhardt and hope to meet and honor your mom!!!!!!!

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