_WidgetOpacityMixin Version 1.1.3 May 5, 2015

04-10-2015 08:44 PM
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_WidgetOpacityMixin Version 1.1.3 May 5, 2015

This Mixin Class works with most in-panel Web AppBuilder widgets.

Live Preview Site

Changes in Version 1.1.3

  1. Changed all instances of _widgetOpacityMixin* to _WidgetOpacityMixin*.

Changes in Version 1.1.2

  1. Modified the Mixin Class to destroy itself when the host widget is destroyed.

Bug Fixes in Version 1.1.1

  1. Fixed the Mixin so it would work with FireFox and IE as well as Chrome.
  2. Updated the Live Preview Site.


  1. Puts a new icon on the widget header.  Clicking the icon opens a tooltip dialog with a slider that controls the opacity of the widget.
  2. The dialog can be closed by clicking on the close button.  If your device has a mouse or a touch pad, the dialog will close shortly after the mouse leaves it.
  3. The widget will be opaque when the cursor is over it and will have the selected opacity when the cursor is over the map.  For touch screen devices, the widget opacity is always as selected.



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