WAB 2.17 - Add 2nd programmable search widget in Launchpad Theme Header

01-21-2021 03:32 AM
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I'm developing custom widgets for WAB (Develper Edtion) 2.17, Launchpad Theme, on 3D Scenes (ArcGIS API for javascript 4.17), on our compamy portal (version 10.7.1).

I still consider myself a newbie...

In my work I need to add an additional independent search functionality, which will use the API of some official map searching API service, and goto in the scene, to the returned x,y coorinastes.

So I need to create a custom "Search2" widget. I need it to look similar to WAB's "Search" widget, but I need to throw most of its logic and css, since I won't use esri's Search widget blackbox logic. I need to have an access to the textbox and to the search button (and the textbox ReturnKEY event callback) since I need to do "my" independent search logic which addresses a specific service API).

We use Launchpad scheme.

File themes\LaunchpadTheme\widgets\Header\Widget.js is WAB's oval "Header" widget which wraps within it the esri's Search widget "blackbox" (oval, white background) . screenshot attached.

I want the "Header" widget to include also "my" Search2 widget at its rightside.

I will appreciate help in the areas of: css code, Header widget logic.Header Widget containing Search widgetHeader Widget containing Search widgetbutton.


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