Story map Map Journal Widget for AWAB?

11-05-2016 05:55 AM
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We've had a lot of success getting colleagues to use the story map templates to build engaging web applications.  We are starting to rub up against the limitations of the 'template' approach, and are increasingly looking at AWAB for a bit more functionality.  Is there a widget out there that behaves in a similar fashion to the Storymap Map Journal context panel, it would be amazing.

We've embedded some simple viewer applications in our StoryMaps, but then you lose the interaction between the context panel and the map.  I'm envisaging a widget for AWAB that has all the rich functionality in the Story Map journal, main stage actions, toggling layer visibility in the map, loading maps, web pages and images to the 'main stage'.

I imagine it would be a significant amount of work, but is it feasible?

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