SaveSession that supports heavy map layers and imagery layers

06-06-2019 07:07 PM
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SaveSession that supports heavy map layers and imagery layers

This widget is based on the original SaveSession Widget

This customized edition will support:

1. Layer visibility for heavy map service layers with multiple sub layers

2. Imagery layer 

3. Popup Information for the newly added layers (updated on 28/8/2019)

An example of a loaded map session:

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Works perfectly in 2.12, thank you!

Question, it appears it does not restore the basemap as selected from the Basemap widget. Would that be possible?  Interestingly I thought I would check with the built in App State and that doesn't do it either. I will suggest that to Esri in a new idea.

Thank you for the feedback.

This widget only saves the operation layers at the moment.

I did have a quick investigate for the basemap function before. It may be not that hard to store the basemap in the session, but it is a bit tricky when you restore it and try to co-ordinate with the basemap widget. I'll look into this function in the future should a business case arises.

The save session widget works great in 2.12, thanks for sharing Simo!

I wonder if it's possible to save favorite widgets open statement in the session file?

Does this widget save pop-ups once the pop-ups are enabled and a session is saved? 

No worries Aimei. Thanks for letting us know it works.

Yes it it all possible to save most of the app configurations (if not all configurations)  into the session. but I'd rather to keep it simple and focus on the map itself , in particular the settings of the operation layers (group layer capacity, visibility, order, extent etc.) . 

Yes, It does save the pop-ups  in the session. 

Sorry, this function was added a while ago, but just realised that I haven't updated the zip file here. thanks for reminding me

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