Query or Search Widget Result Pop-Ups and Attachments

03-25-2016 12:57 PM
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We're having a difficult time trying to get attachments to show up in the results pop-up window using the Query or Search widget. It shows up find in the web map clicking the feature on the map after configuring that in the pop-up settings, but nothing from the results pop-up windows for either widget.  I don't see where we can configure this easily within either widgets as well.  Any suggestions?

Side note: The feature service is hosted in ArcGIS Online with attachments enabled.  We do have the option to host the feature in ArcGIS for Server with attachments enabled.

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  Neither of those widgets are designed to support attachments in the popup. The Query and the search widgets uses infoTemplate when it would need to use popupTemplate to support attachments. The default popups for layer in WAB support attachments because the popupTemplate is used and has the property of "showAttachments: true".

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I could have sworn I was able to see attachments in the query widget with the release of versions 2.2 or 2.3.  However, I can't seem to see that anymore.  

The .config file for my query even has "showAttachments": true.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills; I would have bet my life that it did with the release of 2.2!!

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   I just tested in 2.3 and when using the Query widget to search for a feature that has an attachment once you click on the query result to show the popup the attachment will be listed there.