PrintPlus-1.1.6-2015-7-12 (download - widget by Larry Stout)

02-18-2017 11:10 AM
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PrintPlus-1.1.6-2015-7-12 (download - widget by Larry Stout)

This is a new link for downloading the widget by Larry Stout‌  (re-posted with Larry's permission 2/18/2017). The download link on his main description page Larrys Custom WAB Widgets and More    and the individual widget pages is no longer accessible.  See the my comment on any of these pages, or on the /blogs/myAlaskaGIS/2016/03/09/web-appbuilder-developer-edition-customization-resource-list?sr=search...‌  for a the updated links for all hist widgets on this page.

NOTE: These widgets were written for an earlier version of WAB developer edition so may not work without modifications with current developer edition versions.  Larry has changed jobs and is not working/updating these. They are as-is, with no direct support from Larry, but others in the forums might be able to respond to questions.  If anyone does update, please share  so others can benefit.  Thanks.

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Has anyone tested this widget with WAB Developer 2.4?

I've added it to my site running 2.4 and it seems to be working fine.  So far 🙂

Does this widget work with custom print geoprocessing services hosted on ArcGIS Server?

I tried replacing the URL in the config.json file to my service in ArcGIS Server, but then it totally changed the properties of print plus widget. I did not get the option to draw the extent/red border. Appreciate if anyone could help me on this.

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