Multiple login prompts from launching on premise WAB app

11-04-2020 12:26 PM
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Hello All,

I have a WAB app v2.18(customizations using Dev Ed.) deployed to a webserver that contains a web map in Enterprise Portal 10.8(different server) shared with everyone(tried sharing with organization first).  I registered the app and included the app id from Portal registration.  I also set the appropriate redirects.  When I enter the app url containing the FQDN of webserver the 1st prompt states to "Please sign in to "myportal"" and after clicking on "OK" the 2nd prompt displays the standard Portal login via Enterprise or AGOL Credentials (app wants to access your "organization" account information).  We are using SSO w/ADFS.  Is there a way to eliminate the 1st prompt?  We only need one prompt and preferably the standard Portal login screen so a user can click on Enterprise login to login vis SSO and the app launches.  We prefer having the app on a different server.  The app works fine I just need to eliminate the 1st prompt.  Any ideas/suggestions?  I have tried customizing the web.config file on the webserver, hiding the prompt using css does not help as it needs to perform verification for SSO, I have searched for the first prompt ("Please sign in") in all WAB files for the specific app, and I have googled for "esriOAuthSignInDialog".  Thanks in advance for any leads.

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We also have the same issue, however the application was built with ArcGIS Experience Builder.

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