jimu-main-background is not implemented for BoxTheme and DartTheme, why?

03-13-2016 06:15 PM
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I am having issues with my widget colors when using the Box Theme or the Dart Theme.

They do not seem to follow the same standards by using jimu-main-background as outlined in the css-framework defined here.


Defines the main color of the app. Applies to the main UI of the app.

From my understanding a themes main color should be defined in .jimu-main-background  but Box and dart seem to use .box-bgcolor and .dart-bgcolor.

I have been able to fix this by looking at the theme name in code and returning the different class name, but I was wondering if this was an over site in the development of these themes.



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  I believe that it was just a decision that the team made. When talking with the lead programmer on the team at the Dev Summit we talked about the ability to specify the theme style colors using a color picker and that would mean some rework of the themes to standardize the use of main-jimu-background.

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