How to show only the features what are queried with definition expression?

08-27-2020 02:17 AM
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I'm trying to get working a floor selector widget, but it's doesn't do any visible change on the map, just gives me back a the queried features.

(localLayer_filter widget, what i modified, and also i changed a webscene widget to my 2d case: SceneLayer filter and query | Sample | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.16 

But none of them showing only the selected features.

I'm making this in WAB environment, with a webmap, what contains arcgisDynamicMapServiceLayers with several sublayers. 

The question is, how to setup the webmap (should i make a layers with FLOOR field visible or not by default)?

How to force my app, to show only the queried features, how to force the app request again the tiles from the server whet the definiton changes?

How did you set up the localLayer_filter's config?

I would love to hear any suggestion!

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Hi Dávid Gregor

“ Just suggesting an approach:


ArcGIS promotes doing this with range sliders I think – like here for desktop ->


Once you are able to see this done and how the properties are applied to show the selected data,.. doing the same with visiblerangeSliders in javascript like in an older js version example below, should help.

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