Custom Widget for WebApp Builder to receive and parse Query String

10-29-2014 04:09 AM
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Hello everybody,

Does any one try to create a widget/code to make a WebApp application parse a query string added to the URL and Zoom to the specified value;

For example: assume we create a WebMap on portal with id 123; this webmap include a layer called layer1 and a field called field1.

I need to create a custom widget that can be configured to choose layer1 from the webmap and choose a field 'filed1' from this layer and the application expect to receive the value on run time through a query string similar to: http://myportal/app1?webmap=123&queryid=1&value=3

the webapp (app1) will be opened zooming on feature where field1=3 and highlight that feature (query1 in this case is the configured query-string in the custom widget) as many queries can be configured for one app.

Thanks for your support

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   This functionality is a planed feature of the enhanced search widget for WAB. I have not completed that feature of my development in the eSearch widget yet but once it is done you will be able to find it here.

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   The URL Query is available in the eSearch Widget found here:

Enhanced Search Widget Version