Analysis Widget with Portal & Public App - Credits Usage?

01-18-2017 12:31 PM
New Contributor
We are developing a custom application for a client using the Web App Builder Developer edition. The client has their own ArcGIS Server & Portal. The portal is configured for Analysis tasks.
Question - The customer would like to be able to allow the public to use the Analysis tasks provided by the Analysis widget without authentication. Currently, the analysis widget requires authentication and I understand from that it requires credits and authentication is necessary to validate credit use. However, since the customer has their ArcGIS server + Portal, is there a way to get the Analysis widget to use the customer's ArcGIS Server with Proxy or some other token authentication to perform the analysis tasks without authentication?
I have seen other threads where it is suggested to use the proxy service but I don't see a way to configure the proxy in the widget.
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