Add results from REST Api call to feature popup in WAB

10-03-2018 04:39 PM
New Contributor

When a user of a WAB app clicks on a feature from a particular layer I want to use the id of that feature in a GET request to a rest endpoint, and then format and display the results in a popup.

I don't believe this can be done with arcade expressions on the AGS online map popup configuration, so I'm looking into the easiest way to get it done in the application. For various reasons the app will need to be WAB and not a straight javascript api app.

My first thought was to create a custom infowindow in code, build it with the api call results, and define it as the maps infowindow if the featureset includes features from the right layer. However, I'm not sure where in the WAB structure you would do that, so before I dive in, I'm wondering if anybody has tried this sort of thing before and am I on the right track?

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