My legend symbols drop when printed in pdf format but not in jpeg/png

10-17-2019 12:37 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I created custom print service to print my web map developed using web app builder developer version 2.1.3. I tried printing my map with all layers turned on using pdf, jpg and png format. PNG and JPG have no issue in displaying all legend symbol but for some strange reason, pdf format drops symbols of last column (first image below). I am curious if anybody else had the same issue and if they were able to fix it.




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Hi, I am experiencing the same issue with my custom print widget in Web AppBuilder, so I was just wondering if you were able to resolve this issue. The legend symbol appears in JPG and PNG correctly, but not in PDF, just wondered why?

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Sometime adobe does not recognize certain fonts that arcmap has, I get that a lot and usually go with the jpeg. Sometimes changing resolution of the pdf print might help

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