LocalLayerWidget Version 2.5 and AccessifizrWidget Layer - 09/28/2017

01-08-2015 07:55 AM
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I've been having a blast playing around with the new Web AppBuilder, and have taken a few cracks at putting together some custom Widgets that I'd like to share with the community.  I hope these can assist in everyone's future Mappmaking endeavours!


LocalLayerWidget v 2.5

September 28 2017 : LocalLayerWidget v2.5 released:  This major release includes the following enhancements for the widget.  Thanks to everyone who's donated!:

Release LocalLayerWidget 2.5 · cmndrbensisko/LocalLayer · GitHub 

  • Support for 2.5 Release of ArcGIS Web App Builder
  • Support for Custom Layers via Transformers
  • Demos and sample apps
  • Prototype 3D Widget
  • Dynamic GUI changes at runtime and css insertion via odds.json/odds.css
  • And more!

November 14, 2016: LocalLayerWidget v2.2 released:  This major release includes the following enhancements for the widget:

Release LocalLayer v2.2 · cmndrbensisko/LocalLayer · GitHub 

  • Related Table Viewing and Editing
  • ImageService Viewing and Popups
  • WMS Service Viewing and Popups
  • Ability to integrate with the IncidentAnalysis widget
  • Hide Layer In Legend capability added
  • Dynamic mode added, allowing for URL-fed configuration files
  • And more!

May 18, 2016: LocalLayerWidget v.2.0 released:  This substantial change for Web App Builder v.2.0. removes the need to edit any core files in the Web App Builder, unlike previous versions.  A slight change will still be necessary for the AttributeTable widget to work properly with LocalLayerWidget layers.

  • https://github.com/cmndrbensisko/LocalLayer/releases/tag/v2.0
  • Enhancements:
    • Added autorefresh capability for dynamic layers, and sub-minute decimal values can be specified for time.
    • Added support for non-consecutive sublayer numbering to support 10.3.1 mapservices
    • Editor Tracking via an organizational Active Directory instead of ArcGIS Online User now supported
  • Bug Fixes:
    • View Attachments now works for Dynamic Layers
    • Addition of GeoJson layers fixed
    • Fix to MapService sublayer visibility when no sublayers are selected to display by default.

Mar 29, 2016: LocalLayerWidget v.1.3.1 released; Contains bugfixes to v.1.3. related to custom rendering for Feature Layers and toggling sublayer visibility in the LayerList widget.

Mar 22, 2016: LocalLayerWidget v.1.3 is now available!  (Note the version naming change; Version 1.3 refers to its compatibility with v1.3 of the WAB - This is indeed the latest version of the widget as of March 22, 2016).  Be sure to read the github page to see what tweaks need to be made to ensure that everything continues running smoothly in version 1.3 of the Web AppBuilder.

  • Includes support for GeoJSON and WebTileLayers
  • Custom Symbology and Labelling Options for Feature Layers
    • Currently requires the use of playground to generate custom json layer and label styling for Feature Layers.  For more information, please follow the instructions on the Github page.

Feb 10, 2015: LocalLayerWidget v.1.5 is now available!  This release contains full support for adding Tiled layers to your application directly from ArcGIS Server, in addition to the Basemap, Dynamic, and Feature layers available before.  Feel free to grab the widget from our Release page located at https://github.com/cmndrbensisko/LocalLayer/releases.

Feb 2, 2015: LocalLayerWidget v.1.2 is now available!  This release provides a great GUI developed by Robert Scheitlin to more easily add Feature, Dynamic, and Basemap layers to your ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Applications.  Take it for a spin, and please keep us informed of any bugs or desired enhancements through our Github Issue Tracker located at https://github.com/cmndrbensisko/LocalLayerWidget/issues.

Jan 12, 2015: Note that LocalLayerWidget v.1.1 is now available, which provides Click-To-Identify support and the option to add Feature and Basemap layers in addition to Dynamic layers.

The LocalLayer Widget is intended to allow the direct addition of MapServices to an ArcGIS Web AppBuilder application, without needing to wrap the desired services in an ArcGIS Online/Portal Web Map.


Basically, your basemap will still need to come from Portal/AGOL, but otherwise you just provide direct URLs to your own MapServices in the widget's configuration settings.  The MapServices should load and display as usual in the map, and cooperate with the Legend, LayerList, and Attribute Table widgets. Click-To-Identify functionality won't work currently, though, because the current WAB implementation relies on Portal for all the popup info.  As stated in the January 12th 2015 release, popups are fully customizable.  Note that it's not an in-panel widget, so you'll need to follow a few extra steps in the project's Readme file.


Let's make Mapps accessible for everyone!  With an eye on WCAG compliance, the Accessifizr Widget is designed to help make web applications keyboard navigable without having to modify core application code and UI.


Information about how to configure this widget is available in the core Accessifizr.js library project available here‌, but the gist is that you create a JSON-based 'roadmap' detailing the keyboard navigation of your web application, and how it should change in response to users entering modal menus, hitting the escape button, etc.  For applying descriptive alternate text to page elements, the widget leverages dojo's built-in internationalization support to specify multilingual alternate text strings.  The end result is a web app that, hopefully, is a bit easier to use for people with mobility or visual challenges.

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Hi Adam,

  I'm bringing secure services into my LLW apps from a couple of different servers. It seems like the widget's proxy setting is helping me to avoid having to resupply credentials to one or other of those servers while authoring; if it could be configured to handle requests to multiple servers via the proxy, that would be even more helpful. But if the main app config.json file proxy settings apply to LLW requests (as they seem to be) then I guess it's just a question of authoring convenience rather than a significant limitation of the widget.

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I should also explain that I'm hosting the finished apps in an IWA-enabled directory, and storing the actual service credentials in the ESRI proxy script config.
So possibly a bit of an "edge case"!?

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Hi, Just wonder how this Local Layer widget supports GeoJSON.

I tried to add a local geojson file from my local HD with no luck, 

Please let me know if that is possible through your widget.


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Unfortionatley I could not make it to work,adding json or geojson file from a directory or url, 

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It would be great for this to be in WAB officially literally or as a concept. Make it easily turnkey to have an entirely on-premise GIS; good for emergency operation center viewers or secure environments. And arcgis.com may go down again.

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I've just come across LocalLayer -  It's a great idea and I'm trying it out with WAB 2.11 but I'm finding some problems:
1) None of the other widgets I add work - they become disabled and nothing happens when you click on them. For example, I added the basemap widget but when you click on it, nothing happens. If I remove the LocalLayer widget layers, they suddenly work again.


2) The layers aren't showing up in the legend view widget (The only way to get this to 'work' is to make it expandable by default, by work I mean expand it...but nothing is showing).


3) After I save, and go back into the webapp to work on it, it doesn't fully load...I'm left with the three undulating bars forever...My only fix is to delete the map and start all over again.


I'm pulling in layers from a published mapservice from ArcGIS Server 10.6. The version of the LocalLayer widget is 2.5, WAB version is 2.11


Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

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UPDATE: I've just downloaded version 2.8 and it's working fine. I can't print, but that seems to be a separate issue.

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Hi, i'm using this widget and it looks so great so i want to import my geoserver geoJSON layer to myapp, the link is working and all column names are loaded but no data is loaded in the map. can u help me with that?

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