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06-01-2016 06:52 AM
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I have created some custom applications through Web AppBuilder Developer, and I would like to host them on a Web Hosting service like GoDaddy. I am having trouble with exactly how to deploy it on the web hosting service, so that I can use it as a template in ArcGIS Online.

Can anyone please provide some guidance on how to do this?


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Hi Rene,

I am not sure how exactly GoDaddy works, but this is how I host my web applications. I take all of the associated files (like the html, javascript, css, folders, etc) and put them in a folder that is on the web (for me, this is either a GitHub location or Google Drive, or something similar that is publicly accessible). Then, I just link to the folder that contains the index.html file. This becomes the link for my web app.

I found maybe better written instructions of this on the Shortlist Story App install section from the PDF:

shortlist-storytelling-template-js/Readme.pdf at master · Esri/shortlist-storytelling-template-js · ...

When you copy the contents of the Shortlist application template zip file into a folder on your website or web server, the location of the application template's Index.html file defines the URL that will be used to access your shortlist. For example if your website is using a web server like Internet Information Services(IIS) you can create a folder in its root file structure (C:\inetpub\wwwroot) and copy the contents of the application template zip file into it. So if you created a folder called:


and your website's domain is then the URL of your shortlist will be:

I am not completely sure what you mean about creating a template from this but here is some documentation that might help with that:

Create app templates—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS