Dart Theme how to change LayerList and Legend Icon?

01-11-2017 02:59 AM
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I`ve just played around with custom theme development and I used the DartTheme to customize it in different ways. I found out a lot of things and now I know how I can change the icons of the widgetPool widgets but what about the icons of LayerList and Legend that come with DartController?

Of course I can replace the icons in ..\client\stemapp\widgets\xxx\images but then the icon changes for all themes.

Is there a way how I can set different icon-src in different styles?

Will ESRI provide some more documentation to this topic in the future? I really like the web appbuilder development style but it still lacks documentation and training resources. For example on Esri Training there are anly two videos but in both cases many things didn`t work or they were not in depth enougth.

In the documentation itself I found only one page for custom theme which was absolutely basic, not telling anything about doing own customizations.

I'll go on to get into this stuff but it`s extremely hard.

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