Water Geometric Network Editing and Analysis solution

06-14-2020 11:22 PM
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Hello everyone!

I’m a new user for the Water Geometric Network Editing and Analysis tool, and I have some questions about it.

First, I am using ArcMap 10.8, and I built a geometry network as some online guides explain, although the process produced a 30-line error table for me, the net is as good as I checked. I've been trying to update the rules of the network, and I think that's fine too. But, when I get to run the tool options, like valves isolation, it didn't work at all. After searching the web and forums, I realized that I needed to configure the configuration file to fit the network I built, based on the entities I have.

 After the configuration I did, things got better, he didn't throw an error message, but now he's running the tool, but nothing comes out.

From what I understand, I obviously have to define which layer is the valves, lines, etc.

Is there a way to do this without the configuration file?

What am I doing wrong?

I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter, it is a very important issue for my company.

I'm attaching the GDB with the layers and the network, the configuration file, and the error table, in the hope that it will help.

Thank you all!



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Looking at the data, you are missing the sources.


The isolation trace works like this:


From the flag, it performs a find connected to get the Valves(defined in the config)

Looping through each valve and placing barriers on all other valves, it runs a find path to the sources(listed in config)

For each valve that has a path to source, set as barriers and runs a find connected to get affected area.

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