Utility Network - Thoughts...

02-03-2020 08:50 AM
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Our organization is looking at moving to the Utility Network data model, but we have heard mixed reviews.  Anyone using the model currently have any insight (good or bad)?

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Jennifer, I hope you don't mind me piggybacking my question - Would anyone who switched be willing to share if they used a consultant or ESRI to manage the transition or did you do it all in house?

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As a consultant who has been involved with the Utility Network model since it's early alpha and beta releases I'll leave my 2 cents.  The hardest part of the implementation of water/storm/sewer is going to be working through all the data preparation / cleanup, and for that I'd highly recommend using Esri or a Consultant to help manage that part. If you have a strong data conversion team in house they should be able to handle the conversion, with some guidance from Esri or a Consultant.  If you don't have a strong data conversion team in house you will likely need to bring in an outside consultant.  If you do end up going the consultant route I recommend you look for consultants who have been Certified as capable of implementing the Utility Network by Esri.  If you want to do it all in house then a good place to start would be to take all of the classes and certifications recommended by Esri to get certified.