Integration of water utilitity software and GIS

01-19-2011 07:40 AM
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I work for a small city Public Works department and am currently tasked with GPS mapping our water meters into GIS.  I'm nearing the end of the project and it's going well for the most part.  But there are many places where I couldn't find a meter that it seems like there should be one.  There are also meters that I can't tell which property they go to, etc because they are not in standard locations.

It seems that the ideal solution would be to integrate our utility billing software (Springbrook) with ArcGIS.  Then I'd know exactly who gets city water and therefore could find any gaps in my data.  Some way to export or join the data from Springbrook would be great.  I've seen a magazine article or two praising the efficiency of such integration but nothing on how to actually do it.  Does anyone have information about this?
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There are various ArcGIS customers using the Springbrook utility billing application. You may want to contact Springbrook technical support directly to guide you through the intergration process with ArcGIS:
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