If you’re using the Attribute Assistant, we need your help!

02-23-2016 07:37 AM
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We’re doing some research into how the Attribute Assistant is being used. We’d like to see what rules you are using and how you configured your dynamic value table. 

This information will help us plan for the future. We want to know what are the most common rules.  We also want to see your gnarly and complicated rules to see how far the Attribute Assistant is being pushed.

So please share your dynamic value table along with any comments you have in this thread. We appreciate your help on this effort!



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PS: If you don’t know what the Attribute Assistant is (or aren’t sure if you are using it already) no worries.  You can learn more about Attribute Assistant on the ArcGIS Solution site here

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The data is versioned. I was just unsure how to edit the unversioned AA tables is all.


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You should be able to click on the dynamic table and edit it when you click start editing.

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We don't version our GenerateID table and the ID numbers generated by different edit sessions are unique.

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Mainly addressing and facilities now, but testing out water/sewer infrastructure for future

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Outside of the address workflow set up in the address management solution, we assign our sanitary line id's based off of the upstream and downstream manhole id's.  Nothing too extravagant but it saves a lot of time.

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We use attribute assistant for most of our editing systems.  I have attached an example of our Dynamic Value Table for Water.

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I am a big fan of the Attribute Assistant.  I agree with a previous poster that the documentation could be beefed up a bit especially with the EXPRESSION method.

It took me a while to figure out how to configure the add in but once I did I started using it in most of my data entry workflows.  I wouldn't say I am pushing any envelopes with it but I have saved hours of typing and stopped numerable errors from getting into my layers.

I primarily use GENERATE_ID, TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_USER, NEAREST_FEATURE, LAST_VALUE and PROMPT.  Best add-in to come out of Esri.

Jeff Ward
Summit County, Utah
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We use Geolynx DMS to maintain our 911 database. However, it does have some limitations and we use the attribute assistant to help fill in the gaps.

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We started using Attribute Assistant after we converted our sewer and stormwater assets to the LGIM for Water Utility Networking.  I am mostly using the Generate_ID feature to auto-populate unique identifiers for the feature classes in the sewer/stormwater feature datasets.  I have also used it for some simple auto-calculations.  I am hoping to use AA more extensively with feature classes outside of sewer/stormwater but have not had the time to work on it.  I can attach my tables if anyone is interested.


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We just discovered attribute assistant this past year. Buried in a Water network support package! After Seeing its potential, I can not for the life of me figure out why ESRI doesn't build it directly into the COTS software. What hundreds of wasted hours I had over the last three years Without it. We have lots of applications including filling in fields automatically from multiple grids in a point feature class as points are created. I'll post our table in the future.