disappearing layer, frequently prompted for credentials

06-16-2020 05:38 AM
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In the last 2 or 3 months, one of the departments I work with has reported having 2 problems with ArcGIS Online.

1) When working in the field using Arc Explorer, one of the layers disappears and does not refresh. (This is not due to a scale lock)

2) The program (Arc Explorer or ArcGIS Online) prompts the user to re-enter his credentials even though he has already entered them earlier and had checked the " keep me logged in" box. (This happens both in the field and in the office.)

These issues do not necessarily happen at the same time. Do you think that these are 2 symptoms caused by the same problem? Something like poor connection or low bandwidth? Or maybe they are two distinct issues? Perhaps it has something to do with when the tablet goes from using cellular signal to a WiFi signal? One maybe since a lot of people have been working from home lately, that is bogging down the works?

Has anyone else been having problems like this? I would appreciate any insights that you might have on the matter.

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