Incremental Network Loader

01-10-2012 08:20 AM
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I am having trouble with the tool, Incremental Network Loader. I am trying to add one set of hydro lines (which participates in a geometric network) into another geometric network.

I start an edit session for the target hydro lines, select the tool, select the hydro lines in the other geometric network and it gives me this error: The feature type of HUC_17.HUC_Headless.HighRes is not supported. The geometric networks and features classes have the exact schemas (extents, resolutions, m and z values, coordinates).

Each geometric network is within an SDE database. I am trying to copy over 30,000 features (hydro lines).

Any ideas?

Also, is this the best method for copying a network with over 30,000 lines? The copy/paste method rarely works with this many features as usually crashes from taking so long (days).

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