How to create transects along centerlines of landslides

10-23-2012 08:31 AM
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Hi all,
I'm doing some geomorphometry analysis on landslides, and I've faced a problem I can't resolve with my knowledge about ArcGIS tools.

I've obtained centerlines of some landslides and converted polygons to polylines, then splitted them at vertices of centerlines itself  (please see attached picture).

Now I would find a way to create equally spaced transects along the centerlines, wide from left to right landslides boundaries. This is a typical function that HEC-GeoRAS could perform. In HEC-GeoRAS environment I set up centerlines to be river channels, created two feature classes layers to be XS Cut Lines and XS Cut Lines Profiles, and left/right perimeters of landslides as Bank Lines. But when I try to esecute the Construct XS Cut Lines, no cross sections are created.

Is there a way to obtain these transects, or where is my fault using HEC-GeoRAS?

Any help appreciated.
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