Error while filling sinks : Cannot create Raster Workspace on Layers

10-10-2011 08:00 PM
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Hello all:

I have been using ArcHydro tools for quite long time. However I have run into a peculiar error while doing Fill Sinks operation using ArcHydro tools.

Error Message 1: Cannot Create Raster Workspace on Layers
Error Message 2: Error occurred while filling sinks

DEM Details:
Approx 30 m DEM.
Columns and Rows: 9457, 12883
Format: GRID
continuous, floating type, 32 Bit, NAD_1927_Albers

Pre-processing on DEM: Mosaic of several DEMs were performed using 'MosaicToRaster' tool. Resulting output had some NO DATA points (any idea why this happens?). Used Raster calculator to fill the NoData values with a constant elevation.

System Config:

ArcGIS - 9.3.1 student edition
ArcHydro Tools - 9
Windows 7 - 64 bit
8GB RAM, AMD QuadCore processor

Your help is highly appreciated.

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