Arc Hydro - Support for Hydrologic Modeling.pdf

07-15-2020 09:26 AM
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Arc Hydro - Support for Hydrologic Modeling.pdf

An overview of Arc Hydro tools that support hydrologic modeling workflows, and usage examples.

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Hi Gina,

I have the following problem when I try to execute the DTW under the WIM ('line 243', 'c:\\program files\\arcgis\\pro\\Resources\\ArcToolbox\\Scripts\\archydro\\', 'SystemExit: 0')
Failed to execute (calculatedepthtowaterindex).


Does this tool still require an input surface water raster? 





Hi Marinus,


Thanks for reaching out. That is correct, an input surface water raster is required for the current WIM implementation. I realize it’s misleading since that input is categorized under the optional input parameters section of the tool user interface. We plan to implement an algorithm that derives stream lines directly from the input DEM in future implementations of WIM. In the meantime, you can use the NHD streamlines or another third party software to derive the streamlines. One that I used and would like to roll into the WIM is pygeonet from UT Austin (PI is Paola Passalacqua). One you have surface water as polylines, you will need to convert them to a raster with the same extents as the input DEM. That stream raster should show an integer value for all stream locations and null everywhere else.




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