WIM Jupyter Notebook

04-13-2021 08:23 AM
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Learn how to execute the WIM framework programmatically by working through the WIM notebook. The notebook walks through Use Case 1 of the WIM how-to document. Be sure to install the latest  Arc Hydro Pro build and download the tutorial data

There are two ways to access the WIM notebook:

  1. ArcGIS Pro map package (WIM_UseCase1_Notebook.mpkx). This includes a Pro map with the ready-to-use input data, and the WIM notebook and WIM how-to-document as attachments. You can open the WIM notebook directly in your ArcGIS Pro project and access your data layers from your active map.
  2. Standalone notebook (WIM_Workflow.ipynb) and tutorial data. Open the notebook directly in your web browser. To do so, open your command line and enter the following:

            > activate arcgispro-py3
            > jupyter notebook "PATH/TO/WIM_NOTEBOOK.ipynb"