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08-11-2014 11:26 AM

Thanks for posting the links Curtis.

It's funny that clicking on the "User Conference" link under Community in the top header/nbanner, no longer brings you to the UC main page

" " 2014 Esri User Conference (UC) July 14-18 in San Diego

but brings you right to the geonet page.


Timothy Hales   Suggestion.....make sure we can still find the UC page.  Not everything should be pointing to the geonet forums, at least not in this situation......or is there not going to be a UC page in the future, for all things specific to the UC and/or other events?‌

Everything under the Community dropdown points to GeoNet. The About dropdown has the conference pages.

Ok.  A bit confusing or not something that was obvious to me....but now thinking about it, if I think everything "community" equals "geonet",  I should be able to get to where I'm wanting to go.  (however, never though about looking under About for the UC link...but must have done it in the past).

EDIT:  any chance the main header can ever get an "Events" pulldown/pop-up option by itself??

We now have selected User Conference technical session videos available on Esri's E380 video site:

Feel free to download these or even embed them on your own site.

Thanks, Paige. I just added the link.

Thanks for the links. I have been searching for the 14 tech sessions from for a while.


I will like to attend the confrence in San Diego in 2015. Unfortunately, I would be able to submit an abstract. What is the procedure to register in my case!! This conference will help me a lot in my course work. I am studying MSC in GIS

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