ArcGIS: An Introduction Demo Resources

06-09-2021 02:12 PM
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ArcGIS: An Introduction Demo Resources

Thanks for attending the ArcGIS: An Introduction session! During the session, we presented the six capabilities of ArcGIS through demos. Below you can find the links to the resources to get hands-on practice with the demo data:

Data Collection and Management

Mapping Locations from Unstructured Text | Esri Training Web Course:


How to make that map: Census Agriculture Relationship Map | Esri Blog:


Introduction to 3D Visualization | Esri Training Web Course:

Imagery and Remote Sensing

Evaluate Ethiopia’s changing landscape | Learn ArcGIS:

Spatial Analysis and Data Science

Explore commercial permits | Learn ArcGIS:

Field Operations

Collect hurricane damage assessments | Learn ArcGIS:


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