UC 2022 Spotlight: ArcGIS Ideas

07-06-2022 01:25 PM
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Attendees at this year's User Conference will experience an amplified focus on Esri's commitment to customer feedback as a core component of our product development. 

Community members can always visit ArcGIS Ideas to search the list of user requests and ideas, participate in helping support excellent ideas by voting for them with a kudos, or even create brand new ideas for consideration as Esri product improvements.

In-person conference attendees will find column trees with signs promoting ArcGIS Ideas throughout the showcase with QR codes for easy access to the site. 

ArcGIS Ideas Poster_New.pngArcGIS Ideas Poster

Since the creation of ArcGIS Ideas in 2010, 13,000 requests and suggestions have been submitted by users, with over 500 of them being implemented in Esri products since 2021, alone. The fingerprints of users like yourself are found throughout our products, helping make them their very best.

Community members like yourself can help keep the flow of great ideas strong by sharing and discussing ArcGIS Ideas with others, and encouraging them to share their ideas with product teams at the showcase.

If you're having a conversation with someone and they mention a worthwhile product idea, don't let it disappear: Submit it today!

The voice of our customers doesn't just matter — it makes a difference as we map the future of GIS, together.

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