Esri UC 2018 Day 2 Updates

07-10-2018 04:37 PM
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Yesterday we brought the Plenary to you through a three-part live blog. Today we added the videos from the plenary for your enjoyment. Check them out for the highlights and recap.

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Morning Session

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Morning Session Part 2

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Afternoon Session

Day One Post-Plenary

We also shared a lot on Twitter throughout the day. Including a video glance at the Map Gallery and Evening Reception. Check it out >>

While at the Map Gallery we caught up with some of our GeoNet members who had map submissions displaying at the Map Gallery.

GeoNet Member

Tonya Kauhi - Celebrate Women in STEM

Dan Cameron

Dan Cameron‌ - Distillery Tours of Kentucky

Cassidy Bishop‌ enjoyed displaying the work that his team built in the Interactive Map Gallery.

Digital Map Gallery 

At The Expo

That was just day one. Day two is buzzing with attendee enthusiasm now that the Plenary has inspired everyone. The GeoNet Team was up early and collaborating at the GeoNet booth in the Lifelong Learning area at the Expo. Many guests stopped by during the morning hours.

Tuba Gok & Serap Naciye - Esri Turkey

Tuba Gok & Serap Naciye of Esri Turkey visited to say "Hi" and ask questions about GeoNet.

Sophia Frye and Chris Catania

Sophia Frye stopped by and got a quick shot with Chris Catania‌.

Greg Jameson - RDG Planning & Design

Greg Jameson stopped by. He is looking for the person who took his picture before us so he can get a copy. 

GeoNet Member - Darren Moser of IEHP

Darren Moser and Candace Loya catch up on old times and GIS activities in the world of health care. The GIS team at IEHP is receiving a SAG Award on Wednesday and is also featured int he Map Book this year for their work on Mapping in Health Care. 

Adrian Welsh-GeoNet Champion

Adrian Welsh, GeoNet MVP, dropped in for a morning chat with Chris Catania before scurrying away for conference activities.

The GeoNet Team: Left to Right - Candace, Michelle, Chris, and Shelby

The GeoNet Team: Left to Right - 

Candace Loya‌, Michelle Mathias‌,  Chris Catania‌, and Shelby Connors

Lightning Talks

Amy Niessen‌ shares a little about who presented at the Lightning Talks for this year's UC in her blog‌. Twenty presenters covered various topics of what they have accomplished in GIS using Esri tools. 

GIS in Education

Joseph Kerski‌ shares his blog about the‌ as he meets with many educators visiting the conference, all with enthusiasm to learn more, share what they learn and teach our younger generations how GIS is used in our digitally transforming global society. If you have not had a chance to meet Joseph, stop by the Education area at the Expo for a quick chat. 

GIS Managers' Open Summit

This morning we had a chance to visit the GIS Managers' Open Summit and listen to Elected Officials/Executive Panel Discussions on the value of GIS from their perspective with Adam Carnow‌.

And later in the afternoon, we spent some time visiting the afternoon session at the GIS Managers' Open Summit with Nick O'Day discussing maximizing your GIS innovation solutions to staff and the public while keeping up with requests. Nick even gave a "shout-out" to GeoNet as a resource for support. He talked about tools for using tools such as Alexa for integration. He continues to talk about the importance of collaboration, "Collaborate on ideas, but complete of execution." Don't be afraid to share the don't have to give away the execution.

Nick OGeoNet Shout Out

Be sure to go check out Michael Green‌'s session at the GIS Managers' Open Summit on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on "Increase GIS Adoption by Integrating Change Management." Take away key tools to help you drive technology adoption and speed up time value. 

Justin Kruizenga‌ and Andrew Sharer‌ will be presenting on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Workforce Development Planning for a trained and knowledgeable workforce for technical enablement and platform adoption. 

GeoNet 101 Sessions

Chris Catania ‌and Michelle Mathias‌ teamed up to give a GeoNet 101 session where Michelle led a demonstration for navigating GeoNet to new and potential new members. If you missed today's session, be sure to come on Wednesday and Thursday.‌.

Jack Cordes and Luis Gutierrez, Student Assistants

Jack Cordes and Luis Gutierrez, Student Assistants, attend a GeoNet 101 session.

Chris giving session

Chris Catania‌ gives an introduction to the GeoNet Community at the GeoNet 101 session.

Our Summer Intern

Our GeoNet Inter, Shelby Connors‌ gained experience working the GeoNet Expo booth.

Shelby Connors giving GeoNet Demo

Kids Fair at the Marriott

Kids Fair SwagWe stopped to play at the Kids Fair. Many activities and learning opportunities for families to bond over GIS. Check Out the Esri User Conference Behind-the-Scenes: Family Activities‌ to learn what the family activities include at Esri UC. They also have many fun Kids Fair swag they are giving. Bring the family and stop by.

Tech Sessions

And if you missed it, Kory Kramer‌ gave a session today on ArcGIS Pro - Tips & Tricks. He will be holding another session on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. in SDCC - Ballroom 20D. Kory, and others on the Customer Advocacy team, not only contributed in the comments of the Plenary Live Blog but are here showing attendees the how-tos for using ArcGIS Pro. Learn about what is new in the latest releases and how to create great maps more efficiently and quickly.

Check out Kory's extra tips in the comments below.

We have a few more events to attend to today. Keep following along on the User Conference‌ space for further UC event updates. 

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Thanks for the shout out Candace Loya‌!  The ArcGIS Pro Tips and Tricks session was great this morning.  I don't know what the final count was but it felt like there were hundreds of attendees in that room.  I hope that everyone was able to take away a thing or two from what we demonstrated.

Go here for all of the ArcGIS Pro Events and Activities for UC 2018

To find out all about what's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.2, there is a great video here: What's new in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 

And finally, if you're into the details, see more specifics about customer requests that made it into ArcGIS Pro 2.2 at

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Hey Kory-  any news on fixing the python environment issue that came free with the 2.2 upgrade?

Kory Kramer

Esri Notable Contributor

Yes, we're looking to get a fix into a 2.2.1 patch.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Awesome.  ETA?

Esri Notable Contributor

I believe the tentative date for 2.2.1 availability is planned for July 31st.  So just a couple weeks out.


MVP Esteemed Contributor

Hey Cory...  My calendar says 7/31/2018; any word of a fix yet?

Kory Kramer

Esri Notable Contributor

ArcGIS Pro 2.2.1 Patch is Available‌  But reading up this thread, I think you're referring specifically to the "python environment issue". 

I don't think a fix made it into the patch but we have a couple of knowledge articles that should be publicly available soon (hopefully this week).  Those have details about how to remedy the situation. Stay tuned and thanks for the patience.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

I've had pro open all day; just shut it down and now see updates available.  All I want is python 3 to work again; I guess I wait?

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Perhaps someone from the team could post some updates... term begins in about a month and I am sure that many in the education community are keen in rolling out any updates before they deploy their last images.

Kory Kramer‌ can you shake the tree a bit so that we can get a bit of info?

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Hate to sound like a party-pooper but I'm sticking with with my tried and true (albeit broken) v 2.2...

MVP Esteemed Contributor

There is nothing on the update that is remotely a correction to mainstream core functionality … like python.

But good to know that if you have a period in your username and use Sentinel data, you will be good to go