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Climographs can be made in Excel. Directions for the set up of the spreadsheet were obtained from a National Geographic handout at 


In Excel 2013, the sequence a bit different, Highlight the cells as directed in the NGS handout, Insert, Recommended Charts, All Charts, Combo. Then make the precipitation values a clustered column and the temperatures a line graph. The scales may need to be adjusted to get a good look.


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Using images from the web raises the issue of copyright violation. Most people think, if the author did not want me to use the picture,. they would not have made it available on the web.  Not true.

Bern Szulaski's blog post provides explanations and words for the wise.  Check it out Avoiding copyright infringement in your Story Map | ArcGIS Blog

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22 participants in Southside and 14 participants from the Peninsula completed part 1 of the Visualizing our World via ArcGIS Online workshop. The power of maps pervaded the room and ideas for the technology tool's use abound. We learned to annotate a map with map notes, examined GeoInquiries and a Mapping our World Exercise, and made our first presentation. We finished part 1 explorations before the new upgrades to AGO. Looking forward to sharing the new enhancements and making story maps in our next session.

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