Telecom GIS In Five Minutes Video Series - Episode 022 - Walkout Survey Solution

08-17-2021 04:35 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hey, everybody. And welcome back to TGI5. This week's episode, I wanted to walk through a new solution that we've been working on called the Walkout Survey Solution. This solution sets up maps and apps for your organization to be able to assign, track, and perform a Walkout survey. So let's jump in and show some of the applications that are parts of this Walkout survey solution.

We'll first start with the Walkout Survey Center. This application is the main hub for your Walkout surveys. From within this main app, you can access the different tabs for the different parts of the Walkout survey workflow. The first tab here is the Manage tab, and this is really where we start to set up and manage all of our Walkout survey projects. So the first thing I want to do when setting up a new project is search for a location in which we want to perform our Walkout survey.

So we have a new customer, this Oviedo mall that is requesting us to build out fiber services to them. So we're going to give this project a name and then start to digitize in just a general project boundary for this particular project. You'll notice that the status is automatically populated as 'proposed'. So we'll save this project. And now I want to sketch in a proposed route for this project and our fiber build out.

And lastly, we'll put in a termination point for our fiber drop. So now that we have our project set up, I want to create a set of maps and layers that are specific to this project and share that with our field staff. So we'll open up our project creator. Now, this is using an ArcGIS notebook that will create views of our Walkout survey. It'll create specific layers for our field crews to go out and perform their walkout, as well as create a specific web map for them to use.

Now, this notebook runs through a set of Python code, presents to me all of the projects that are in the proposed stage, and then allows me to create these project items. Now, if you've got multiple teams or multiple contractors working on different projects, this allows you to segment out your projects for those specific teams while still keeping one master set of maps and layers that house all of your projects and all of the assets and information collected during the Walkout survey. Now, as this process finishes up, we can then see the view layer as well as the map that were created for this project.

And if we open up our project folder, I can then take these two items and share them with our field operations, Construction and provisioning team.

So now that we've set up our project, let's jump back into the Walkout Survey Center, go to the assigned tab, and create a work order for one of our field teams to go out and perform this Walkout survey. We'll notice that the assigned tab launches into Workforce for RCIs directly embedded into the Walkout survey center. We'll search for our project, which takes us right to the location. Selecting on the project then allows me to create a new field survey assignments. We can assign it to our working field engineer, Tyler West, modify some of the priority information, and then create this assignment.

So now that we've created this work force assignment, let's jump into our Workforce mobile application and start performing our walkout survey. So the next steps in the workflow are to perform our field work. Here on my tablet, I have access to the Workforce mobile application, which provides me with access to all of my work orders. Here is our field survey that needs to be performed, and from here we can start this assignment. This lets those in the back office know that we have started our work.

Now let's jump into field maps where we can search for the field map that has been created for our walk out survey.

This opens up our field map map where I've got access to the project information and our proposed route. And from here, we can start to collect assets during our walk out. So if we want to Mark off where there is a pedestal, we'll drop that point on the map. We can add attachments if we want, and then we can submit that record. Now, we want to take this asset, this particular feature, and we want to add it to our project.

This then creates a relationship and an Association between this particular asset and that project. So the next time we have projects in this area, we can see all of the previous assets that were collected during the walkout. So instead of recapturing poll locations, cabinets, and pedestal locations, we can just reuse any of these features that we have collected on any one of our walkouts. Now, I'll go ahead and just collect one more asset, and this will be a distribution poll. We can also Mark whether or not there are any violations on this particular poll.

So if we do see a poll or joint used violation, we can add that note to our poll record and then submit that. And then again, I want to associate this particular record to this project.

And once we have performed our walkout survey, we can jump back into work force and we can Mark our work order as completed. Now, let's jump back into the office to show how we can monitor the status of all of these walkout survey projects. Now, back in the Walkout survey center under the Manage tab, here is our existing project footprint, and now we can see some of the features that have been collected during our walk out survey. If we want to update the status of this overall project, we can select our project and then change the status of not only the project, but also all of the assets that were collected during the actual walkout.

And finally, within the Walkout survey center, there is a monitor tab that has a dashboard embedded for tracking the status of all of our Walkout surveys.

We can see the project listed here on the right hand side, and we can select our project, Zoom right to it, and start to see how many poles were collected during that walk out, if any of them have a violation, and the type of poll that was collected and any other general assets that were also collected during the walkout. We also get a summary view of the total footage of fiber that is being used within this proposed project. If we want to track the actual work orders, we can then open up our assignment details and assignment stats tabs and start to see the actual work orders that are taking place for these walkouts as well.

And so this has been a quick review of the Walkout survey solution that we've been working on. Please feel free to provide us some feedback and insights.

And if you are interested in accessing this solution, just let us know.

And until next time, we're out.


- Patrick Huls

Solutions Engineer | @SpatialNinja | Telecommunications
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