Telecom GIS In Five Minutes Video Series - Episode 037 - Photo Inspections & Oriented Imagery Viewing

11-30-2021 11:46 AM
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Hello TGI5 and welcome back to another episode. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving for those of you watching in the US and for those of you around the world, I hope you had a great week last week. For this week's episode, I wanted to highlight some newer capabilities in ArcGIS around creating an application to collect photo inspections and viewing those in an oriented imagery viewer. So let's jump in and take a look at what this all looks like when it comes together. And then I'll break down how to set up your own Photo Inspections and oriented imagery viewing applications.

Ok, so here we have an Experience Builder application in which we have brought in some reality capture mesh data for the Orlando area. On our map, we have some physical network infrastructure, as well as these photo points. These photo points were taken with the Quick Capture photo inspection template. Now, once we bring in those points into our Experience Builder app, by leveraging the oriented imagery capabilities, we're able to see not only the picture that was taken but the viewshed of that picture. We'll notice in our Oriented Imagery viewer we can pan around the photo that was taken from our photo inspection Quick Capture application and we're able to see that viewshed from the photo.

As we Zoom in and pan around, we'll see that viewshed change within our photo as well. Now, the photo inspection template within Quick Capture can be used to collect walk out survey information. It can be used to locate infrastructure like this manhole or just capture photos while out in the field. That may help some engineering down the line. Now as we take a look at this last photo, here, this third example.

Again, once we pan around our photo in the Oriented Imagery Widget, we can see the viewshed for that photo change within our 3D Web scene. So how do we put together an application and workflow like this? Well, first we start in ArcGIS Quick Capture and we can use the photo inspection template. So if you go to the Esri templates, you'll notice that there is a photo inspection template that you can use to help create your photo inspection Quick Capture app.

Now, I've already gone ahead and done that. And here is what that template looks like. We can collect information like the surveyor or field engineer, and each button collects the severity of our photo inspection as well as the actual photo. Now to set up the oriented imagery capture capabilities, we go to the map tab, then the three buttons and we have this view oriented imagery. Now, when you set this up for the first time, it will say collect oriented imagery, and this will add all the necessary fields into the data capturing workflow. Once you've done that, that photo inspection feature layer can then be brought in to any of the web maps and apps in ArcGIS as well as Experience Builder where there is an oriented imagery widget.

Now, this widget that we can see here allows us to select that photo inspection layer from a group in our portal organization or in the map in our application. Just like that, we can bring in this oriented imagery widget into our end application. Now, there's lots of documentation on this workflow, including some great blogs that are available, and I'll be sure to provide a link to this particular blog that also walks through how to set up your own photo inspection template and quick Capture as well as this oriented imagery widget in Experience Builder.

So this has been another episode of TGI5. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the photo inspection template in Quick Capture and the ability to set up oriented imagery viewing within our ArcGIS Experience Builder.

Until next time we're out.

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