Import Existing data to ESRI Telecom Model

11-12-2013 03:35 AM
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   We have some Auto-cad drawings which I have to migrate to ESRI telecom's model SDE database. Is there any tip or "best-practice" about how to do this in the shortest time possible?

Thanks in advance.
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when generating fiber cables you have to copy / paste the original cad data by each predefined fiber cable template. in the esri fiber editing toolbar...

1. open the telecom workspace
2. start editing on your telecom file gdb
3. in the create features window you should create the fiber cables templates you need for your data. IE by fiber strand count and buffer tube count.
3.5 once you've created the fiber cable templates, using the esri fiber editing toolbar, stop editing and close the telecom workspace. save your mxd.

3.6 using the esri fiber editing toolbar, open the telecom workspace, start editing.
4. from the original cad data select the fiber cables, by fiber strand count and buffer tube count, that you want to copy/paste
5. in create features window select the fiber cable, with the matching fiber stand count and buffer tube count, to paste to.
6. copy / paste, using the Standard toolbar
7. you should see generated the fiber cable, the related fiber strand and buffer tubes.

8. example: select all CAD linework that represents 144 fiber strands in 12 buffer tubes. copy and paste these features to your telecom model using the Create Features window/144 fiber strands in 12 buffer tubes feature.

alternate approach - simply digitize each fiber cable using the appropriate fiber cable template, with the appropriate fiber strand and buffer tube count.

it is the same principle for the point features that generate multiple related records, such as patch panel and fiber interconnect.

here's the bad news. you cannot split a fiber cable. if a splice occurs after a fiber cable is laid, in the model you must delete the entire fiber cable, then redigitize it as 2 (or more) segments. This means you have to re-establish the fiber splices at sll splice Closures connected to those fiber cable segments. if you find a way around this let me know!
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