Info graphic on cases of COVID-19 and other attributes

03-26-2020 10:17 PM
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I opened the Infographic sent by Joseph Kerski today.  The data is of all counties. It shows number of confirmed COVID-19 confirmed cases, number of hospitals, demographics of the county, number of hospital beds, etc. It was amazing.

Then, back on the range...

In listening to the problems regarding lack of medical equipment, lack of information regarding where medical equipment is stored and how much medical equipment is stored at the different sites, it begged the question, “Why isn’t GIS being used? Or is it?”  If not, and if the Federal government isn’t interested, I am sure Governors Newsom, Inslee and Cuomo would be interested. There is such a lack of national connectivity of geographic information.

I know Jack Dangermond’s work reaches far and wide. I think Esri is needed desperately. I think of this often when I listen to the briefings and to the agonizing stories of health care workers being vulnerable because of lack of personal protective equipment.

Has anyone else had these thoughts?

Stay safe fellow human beings.

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