Embedding photos and non-youtube videos in a storymap tour?

04-11-2018 07:41 AM
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Hello GeoNet Community,

I posted this to the state competition geonet place, but I thought a T3G alum could help, too.

I'm hoping you can help me help a teacher in the competition. Please see her email below. If you have any guidance, it will be greatly appreciated.





I have been using the story tour template and builder. When students start the storymap tour builder, there is a choice to either access photos and images from the web or upload them from a computer (see screenshot). The online photo source choices are Picassa and Flickr, which my students don't use. I don't think Picassa is even an option any more. I figured out a work around, which is to have them choose "I need to upload my images." They can then upload the images from their GoogleDrive or whereever else they have them saved.

One problem is that, if they choose this option of uploading images at the beginning, it doesn't seem possible to later incorporate video. From what I can tell, the videos have to be on Youtube in order to be added to the StoryMap, but I can't figure out a way to switch between uploading images and importing from the web.
My questions are:
1) Is there a way to incorporate videos into a StoryMap Tour that also has images that are being uploaded?
2) Is there any way to incorporate videos without requiring that students create a public Youtube channel? (This poses some issues with privacy.) For example, can they insert them from GoogleDrive?
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1.  I have never had a problem in Chrome changing any of the Map Tour images to a video.  You have to use the EMBED code for the video rather than the actual full URL for the video. You can still use Picasaweb/Google Plus for the images, but Google messed up a good thing and so it is much more clunky than it was in Picasaweb, as I explain here:  https://community.esri.com/community/education/blog/2017/02/17/photo-guidelines-for-arcgis-online-ma...   ... in my photo guidelines.  

2.  You can use Vimeo and other formats in Cascades and Map Journals, but for Map Tours, I've only been able to use YouTube.  The OTHER way to use other video though is to edit the CAPTION and put a LINK to the video there.  It won't play INSIDE the story map but at least it will work.  

I hope this helps. Thanks for being a story map champion. 

--Joseph K 

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