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02-27-2020 05:06 AM
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I am Marius Voshart from The Netherlands and I have a question. I study Geo Media & Design at the HAS University of Applied Science in 's-Hertogenbosch. The study is all about collecting, analyzing and visualizing geoinformation. Part of this study is that I need to go on an internship abroad for fifteen weeks. However I did not find any organization/company for my internship, so I hope someone here could help me with the following. I am looking for an internship on a short period, starting from the end of March +- half of April. During my study I learned to work with ArcGIS, Adobe (Illustrator, XD), Carto and some other programs.

Do you know a company in Switzerland who would like to have a trainee on a short time, let me know. 

Any information is useful, thanks for your time.

Kind regards, Marius Voshart

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