Looking for Dominion Land Survey graticule

11-11-2010 02:56 PM
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I'm looking for a shapefile containing the Dominion Land Survey graticule lines for British Columbia.  Any suggestions of where I might find this?  My searching has come up empty so far.  Thanks!
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The Integrated Land Management Bureau manages the LRDW (Land and Resource Data Warehouse) and would more than likely be willing to provide access to this, sometimes its just a phone call away with these guys. You are looking for what is going to be referred to as Townships and Sections. These were only done for areas around the railway down south and the Peace River block (North Eastern BC) for agricultural areas as part of the Agricultural Land Reserve.
Look at the links on the right under E-Services for Data Distribution Service,
https://apps.gov.bc.ca/pub/dwds/home.so and try some searches in here if nothing, give the ILMB GIS people a call.

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